Three Times King

Being a king is not only a childish wish. Being a king means to be rich, to determine, to have fun, to be respected by your people and much more. Being a king means to be in charge of something too. Who knows the stress and crucifying nightmares a king has? Who knows his secret wishes and desires?

TheaterGrueneSosse shows a surreal, poetical and musical performance about three very different kings, torn between dream and reality.

The stage design aesthetics reminds of something dilapidated, used and refers back to more pompous times. The kings unintelligible murmurs, a fantasy language, leaves free space for own interpretations.

In summer 2013, the TheaterGrueneSosse attended an international directory seminar in cooperation with ASSITEJ, where they met Katya Averkova from Belarus.

Director and Concept: Katya Averkova
Music: Katya Averkova and Matvei Saburov
Actors: Detlef Köhler, Willy Combecher, Sigi Herold
Stage: Motz Tieze
Technique: Ralf Neuman
Assistance: Elisabeth Koch

Age: school classes starting at the age of 5, families at 4

Trois fois roi

Etre roi, ce n'est pas qu'un rêve d'enfant. Etre roi signifie etre riche, avoir du respect venant du peuple et encore beaucoup plus.
Etre roi veut dire pareillement avoir de la responsbilité! Qui connait les cauchemars oppressants, les souhaits secrets des rois.

Le theatre « Gruene Sosse » joue un spectacle surreale, poete, sans souffler mot et très musicale de trois rois distincts, entre ideals, souhaits et imagination dans un pays plein de surprises.

En été 2013, le theatre „Gruene Sosse“ a donner le seminaire de regie international en coopération avec ASSITEJ. En ce moment, le contact avec Katya Averkova de la Biélorussie est né.

Pour des enfants a partir de 5 ans, 1ère – 99ème classe, spectacle pour la famille a partir de 4 ans
Regie et brouillon: Katya Averkova
Scène: Motz Tietze
Musique: Katya Averkova und Matvei Saburov
Constumes: Katya Averkova
Technique: Ralf Neuman
Assistence: Elisabeth Koch
Pièce: Willy Combecher, Sigi Herold, Detlef Köhler

Tres Veces Rey

Ser rey no es ningún deseo exclusivo de los niños. Ser rey significa divertirse muchísimo, ser rico y respetado por el pueblo, llevar la voz cantante y mucho más.
Pero ser rey también significa ser responsable! Y quién sabe sobre las pesadillas agobiantes, las cargas, los deseos y sueños secretos de los reyes.

El TheaterGrueneSosse representa una función surreal, poética, muy musical y sin palabras sobre tres reyes muy diferentes ocupados entre ideales, deseos y perspectivas en un país lleno de sorpresas.
En el verano del 2013 el TheaterGrueneSosse montó un seminario internacional de dirección en cooperación con ASSITEJ donde nació el contacto con Katya Averkova de Bielorrusia.
Para niños a partir de los 5 años, de primero a nonagésimo año escolar, funciones familiares con niños a partir de los 4 años.

Dirección e idea: Katya Averkova
Escenario: Motz Tietze
Música: Katya Averkova und Matvei Saburov
Vestuario: Katya Averkova
Técnica: Ralf Neuman
Asistencia: Elisabeth Koch
Obra: Willy Combecher, Sigi Herold, Detlef Köhler

Katsiaryna Averkova

Was born February 2, 1984 in Minsk.
In 1999 graduated from music school piano.
In 2001 graduated from the school theater class number 170 (led by Anatoly Kostetskii).
In 2007 graduated from the Belarusian State Academy of Arts, specialty - "Directing Drama" (led by Boris Lutsenko)

2000 to 2001. - The Belarusian State Music Theater, the actress.
2006. - The National Academic Theatre Maxim Gorky, the actress.
2007 to 2010. - The Belarusian State Academy of Arts, teacher of "Mastery actor," "Music and rhythm education of actors", "Psycho-physical training for actors" "Fundamentals of the Stanislavsky system."
2007 to 2009. - The Contemporary Art Theater, the director.
2009 and 2010. – The Republic Theater of Belarusian Drama, the director.
2010 to 2012 - Mogilev Region Drama Theatre, the main director.

2005. - "Slynx" ethno-farce on the novel by T. Tolstaya, Theatre Studio them Mirovich.
2006. - "The Little Prince" by A. Saint-Exupery; Theatre Studio them Mirovich.
2007. - "Oscar and the Pink Lady" by Eric Emmanuel Schmitt; The Contemporary Art Theatre.
2008. - "Three Sisters" by Anton Chekhov, Theatre Studio them Mirovich.
2008. - "Slynx" by T. Tolstaya; The Contemporary Art Theatre.
2008. - "Fedora's Mountain" by Kornej Chukovsky, Theatre Studio them Mirovich
2009. - "Ana and pineapple" - by Nickolaj Rudkovskij in the on-line-Project Festival "March-contact", Mogilev
2009. - "Erste Liebe" - a joint theatrical project "Teater Marie" (Switzerland) and The Contemporary Art Theatre (Belarus), Aarau, Switzerland
2009. - " returning the starving " - Performance-parable by Kovalev, The Republic Theater of Belarusian Drama.
2009. - "Dialogue ? 1" - by Aleksandr Casello in the on-line-project of the festival "Panorama", Minsk
2009. - "Winter" - a Christmas fairy tale for adults by Evgenij Grishkovets, The National Academic Dramatic Theatre them Yanka Kupala
2009. - "Ganya" - a play on the novel by H. Sienkiewicz, Theatre Studio them Mirovich
2010. - "Office" - a play by play "Vertebral hernia" Ingrid Lauzund, The National Academic Dramatic Theatre them Yanka Kupala (Grand Prix "Mart-kontakt 2011" (Belarus), the Grand Prix of the International Youth Theatre Forum 2012 (Moldova) Theatre Festival. 2013 Chekhov (Moscow, Russia)
2011. - "Event" by Vladimir Nabokov, Mogilev Drama Theater.
2011. - "My sister" - a play on the novel by H. Sienkiewicz "Ganya", Youth Theatre, Minsk
2012 - "The Tale of the lost conscience," L. Ustinov, Theatre Studio M
2012 - "Pippi - a long stocking", Mogilev Drama Theater
2012 - "Master of coffee" P.Pryazhko, Theatre Studio M (Special prize "Mart-kontakt 2012" (Belarus))
2012 - "Classmates" Yu Chernjavskaja, Mogilev Drama Theater (Winner of the National Theatre Prize of the Republic of Belarus 2012)
2012 - "The Sandman", based on ETA Hoffmann Theatre Marabu (Bonn, Germany)
2013 – And I´m not ashamed, Republic Theatre of belarussian Drama, Minsk
2014 – Einleben, NiMu Theater, Minsk- Berlin